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The Rise of a Young Entrepreneur: 10 Fascinating and Intriguing Facts About Harrison Gevirtz

10 Fascinating And Intriguing Facts About Harrison Gevirtz

At the young age of 15, Harrison was already known for his impressive work ethic and remarkable talents, earning him the title of a “Whiz” and “wonder kid.” However, even at age 12, Harrison was already demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit by selling diamonds and rubber stamps on eBay, raking in an impressive over $4000 in sales.
With the evolution of online marketing, it’s young innovators like Harrison who are shaping the industry’s future. If you possess the intelligence and creativity to think outside the box and the drive to break the mold, you too can be a driving force in this new landscape. It’s clear that a traditional college education or even a high school diploma is no longer the only path to success in today’s world.
However, these are 10 Key Facts to Know About Harrison Gevirtz:
10 Fascinating And Intriguing Facts About Harrison Gevirtz

Harrison is from Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a coastal city in California, USA, situated between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, about 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Santa Barbara is renowned for its stunning beaches, picturesque scenery, and rich cultural heritage, with attractions ranging from historic missions to modern art galleries.
He attended Santa Barbara High School

Harrison started blogging at age 8

Harrison always liked computers and started his own blog at just age 8. When he was 15 years old has not been much of a disadvantage in the industry. However, Gevirtz had a difficult time while on a subpar advertising network, as he was receiving only a fraction of a click while providing thousands of clicks for a meager sum of $50-60 daily. He was unaware of better alternatives at the time and continued to work on the network.
Intrigued by the possibility of making more money, he created a new resource site that offered code generators such as profile trackers and layout generators, which allowed users to add graphics to their MySpace pages. By switching to Yahoo Publisher Networks and the ValueClick Networks, he was able to make a significant income. In the summer of 2006, Gevirtz began exploring ways to make money using cost per acquisition (CPA) instead of cost per click (CPC) because he preferred the satisfaction of fulfilling an acquisition rather than simply earning money from clicks.
He also noted that one cannot be held accountable for click fraud when using CPA techniques, unlike CPC. He recalled an instance when he was accused of clicking on his own ads.

He started making his online income from age 13

Harrison Gevirtz started generating income online since he was 13 years old and shares information about his ventures on his blog. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California and an avid traveler, Harrison’s focus has been primarily on affiliate marketing.
Harrison launched his own affiliate network- LeaderClicks, when he was 16 years old and founded Gevirtz Media LLC, which offers design, development, and consulting services.
Recognizing the significant growth in online local business search, Harrison also worked on, an initiative aimed at providing local businesses with high-quality SEO and SEM services even with smaller budgets. If you’re a local professional service business owner seeking greater visibility on Google, higher website traffic, and increased customer inquiries.

Harrison loves to travel

As a young, jet-setting entrepreneur who is living a lavish lifestyle and earning six figures a month, despite not yet being old enough to vote or drink. Harrison Gevirtz is a self-made legend in the world of Internet marketing, captivating audiences with his prowess as a 16-year-old prodigy who excels in Internet advertising.
Harrison attended the Elite Retreat in SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA in 2008, traveled to Boston, traveled to India and all for various reasons even before he was 16 years old.
Also in 2008, Harrison’s friend- Vivek Bhargava runs an outsourced PPC agency in India. He has been selected as a finalist in Endeavor, which provides support and access to local entrepreneurs. Which made Harrison endeavoured a trip to India.
Furthermore, Harrison Gevirtz Speaks about social media monetization at SMX Singapore on October 14, 2008. Harrison flew to Vegas for Affiliate Summit West. He love to travel and attended many conferences, summit, etc.
In 2008 alone, he has been to Denver/Boulder, San Francisco, New York City, the Bahamas, India, France, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Boston and London, to name a few!
Harrison in San Francisco
Harrison in San Francisco

Harrison is a master in what he does

Most especially, Harrison is a marketing guru. He established LeaderClicks in 2005 as a social advertising network. He also founded Gevirtz Media LLC. Mr. Gevirtz has been a pioneer in the field of social advertising since the early days of MySpace and played a significant role in the launch of the Facebook Platform in July 2007.
With extensive experience as one of the largest advertisers and publishers, Harrison and his team possess a deep understanding of the complexities involved in monetizing social traffic.
Compared to regular display advertising, social traffic presents a fundamentally different landscape. It allows you to engage with your audience by leveraging their social connections and shared interests. In order to succeed in this environment, it is crucial to be able to personalize ads and avoid showing the same static banner repeatedly.
Harrison Gevirtz got MySpace gear from his friend.
A friend of Harrison who worked at MySpace sent him some cool promo gear in 2007 !

Harrison is the CSO of Ringba

He is a Partner at Ringtel Marketing Solutions

His diverse background and expertise have positioned him as a valuable asset to Ringtel Marketing Solutions and its clients.
Harrison Gevirtz is a Partner – Enterprise Contact Center Specialist at Ringtel Marketing Solutions, a leading provider of contact center solutions for businesses of different sizes.With a deep understanding of the contact center industry and a passion for delivering exceptional results, Gevirtz has helped many businesses achieve success.

Owner and CEO of Gevirtz Media LLC

Harrison, as the owner and CEO of Gevirtz Media LLC has a vested interest in the success of the company and is motivated to make decisions that will help it thrive. Harrison is a highly successful entrepreneur who has taken on the role of both owner and CEO of Gevirtz Media LLC, a leading media company in the industry. Harrison started the company when he was still a boy.

Studied in Business/ Commerce in Manchester, New Hampshire

Harrison Gevirtz is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader who studied business in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gevirtz’s education in business has played a crucial role in his success as a startup founder and executive.
Harrison understood the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, finance, and management, which he has since applied to his various ventures. Overall, Gevirtz’s education in business has been instrumental in shaping his career as a successful entrepreneur and business leader.

Harrison founded LeaderClicks, affiliate platform in 2005

LeaderClicks is a social advertising network that was founded by Harrison Gevirtz in 2005 under the umbrella of Gevirtz Media LLC. Gevirtz, an entrepreneur and innovator, saw the potential for social media to revolutionize the way businesses advertised their products and services. Unfortunately, Leaderclicks doesn’t exist anymore.
Harrison Gevirtz with Dennis You
Conclusively, Harrison has set his sights high and has a number of aspirations that he wants to achieve in his life.One of his primary goals is to increase his wealth and become financially successful. To achieve this, he has to establish himself as an expert in various fields like marketing.

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