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2007 » March

As most of you know i am really into informing the public/(my blog readers) of great new affiliate networks. Due to the over abundance in current affiliate networks i feel it is key for affiliate marketers such as myself to find a good network who they can work with on a more personal level vs. a network where it is 100% strictly business. The network that i am writing about is this network is a great place to run with due to the fact that they are very flexible on payouts/offers/and their is literally always one of there 3 affiliate managers online at all times!
I believe that adfinity is a network which has great potential to grow incredible amounts with new affiliates and new advertisers. This network truly has the offers of a big network (i.e azoogle) and the payouts as if you are working directly with an advertiser (cutting out the middle man)!
I try not to rant on and on about an affiliate network but i feel it is necessary to help my friends/business associates at adfinity some new business. With weekly payouts, tons of offers, and affiliate managers with original jokes i believe that adfinity would be a network which you should consider signing up with due to the fact that this network is here to cater to you, you, and did i mention you??
So sign up; check it out and make some incredible money -Make some money!
Do it, you’ll thank me,
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