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2007 » October

Hey guys,
its pretty late and ive been finishing up some stuff for tomorrow and something came to my mind. I just recently got a new cell phone: the sidekick LX which is the new model of sidekick phones. What came to my mind was how poorly marketed the new phone was. I did not know about the new sidekick until an affiliate from my network leaderclicks imed me asking if i could purchase a “sidekick lx” as his affiliate rewards gift (By the way, that affiliate got his gift :D)! I would think sharp/danger inc would be extremely good at marketing the new phone as the release of the sidekick 3 was highly marketed and talked up, why nothing for the lx??
Any ideas?
On another note, Ad:tech is just a few days away and I am really excited to be able to travel to new york for ad:tech. It should be a ridiculously exciting event and i hope to build up my contacts by a few hundred If your going to ad:tech hit me up :P!
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