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2008 » January

Hey guys,
I got back from Vegas late last night and have a lot to tell. First off, Vegas is truly an unbelievable city; after walking through casino after casino I’ve come to learn a new type of energy, Casino Energy. While walking through the casino’s to get to where I needed to go I could never help but notice the excitement and energy that people have when betting away their hard earned dollars. This wasn’t my first trip to Vegas but this was the first trip where I became aware of “casino energy.” When I’m 21 I will stay to playing in the poker rooms or something; The house SHOULDN’T win my hard earned dollars (I’d rather just buy there stock: Las Vegas Sands Corp. or Mgm Mirage hehe).
From show tickets to bringing high rollers into Vegas I believe that affiliate programs should be created. Most hotels in Vegas do have affiliate programs (Mainly all of the strip hotels since they are all owned by the same company) but their programs SUCK! Last Ecomxpo i contacted the guy who was in charge of the MGM-Mirage affiliate program (which is the affiliate program for: Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Mgm Grande, Mirage, Monte Carlo, and I know I’m forgetting a few) and he told me I couldn’t promote for him because he “already had a good search publisher.” It’d be cool if we got .5% of what our reservations spend in the casino (one person fucks up their credit and you make 5k)!
Imagine the possibilities with offers like Vegas Concert/Show Tickets, Limo Rides, Helicopter Tours, Strip Clubs etc, All having affiliate programs. The possibilities would be endless, One thing you could do is make a concert ticket page that’s also offering a hotel room, limo ride to and from the show and even a ‘dance’ after the show. Would be a great way to cross promote offers and target SO many things without being irrelevant (you could target vacations, vegas, concerts, gamblings, casinos, and tons of other things).
Well I got to go now BUT hopefully some Las Vegas execs read my blog and pimp up the affiliate programs in Vegas
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