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2008 » March

hey guys,
haven’t blogged this week because it’s been one of those weeks. I decided to treat myself to business premier on my way back from France and I am really glad I did that/one nice experience (pics of the plane here) After coming back to Santa Barbara I was laying down on my bed when I heard something fall; I looked down and to my disbelief I had become one of the unlucky people whose laptop screens has actually CRACKED!
I called apple support and they were total assholes so I waited till Tuesday and went to ‘Mac Mechanic’ here in Santa Barbara. After being informed of the bad news; I decided to buy a new macbook pro which is actually faster than the old one but not the top of the line model like the one I had before. I bought myself a 15inch 2.5ghz core 2 duo, 2gb of ram (and they took another 2gb from my old cracked screen mac so 4gb total), and a 250gb hard drive, and 512mb graphics card (my old one had a 256). Only $2500, vs. the 4,000something I spent on my old now broken one which is less pimped up compared to this one. I’m also kind of happy to be gone from a 17inch laptop, way to big.
but I got a new one so I’m all good :p. I really didn’t get anything done Sunday-Tuesday having to work on an extremely slow old Vaio laptop of mine. I’m off,
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