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2008 » September

I am honored to be the keynote speaker at SMX Singapore in 6 weeks from now, kicking off the conference with a talk on “social media”. I’ve spoken on panels before, though this engagement is more important and I want to make sure it’s a killer presentation. I’ll cover a bit of what I’ve learned about social advertising, plus cover how game dynamics is the driver behind social network interaction– status, collection, unlocking, feedback, randomization.
With vastly more information being available to advertisers for targeting, the advertising platforms that rule in 5 years from now will not the ones that dominate today. Search will be more than showing results based only on what someone has just typed into a box– it will encompass who they are, their preferences, what their friends like, and what people like them like. Socially-aware search is still a pipe dream, but we’re starting to see examples of it in early social advertising platforms, however crude the earliest examples are.
Beyond advertising, social data can answer questions such as “Do you know a reputable dentist in Santa Barbara?”, “What political blogs do you think I’d enjoy reading?,” or “Where can I find a cool fedora hat?”– questions that search engines cannot answer properly today.
So how do brands and direct marketers take advantage of the wealth of social data that is now available? How can that drive smarter ads and new forms of interaction? I need some clever examples to demonstrate how social media is changing the face of advertising. Send me your examples— they can be something currently being done or ideas for things that could be possible.
A couple examples I intend to use are from Me.dium, a client of mine that is a social search engine>— plus, a community for weight-loss that relies heavily on points-based interaction. Tell me what you think and you could win one of 5 LeaderClicks T-shirts!
Deadline for submission is October 2nd– just a few days away. Post your responses here or send to

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