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8 Random Facts About Myself

I’ve been tagged by for “8 random facts.” So here they are:
The Rules:
* Each player must post these rules first. * Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. * People who are tagged need to write about their eight facts on their blog. * At the end of your blog post, choose eight people to get tagged, list their names, and link to them.
* Don’t forget to contact them telling them they’re tagged. Also, point them to your blog post so they know what to do.
Random Facts:
1. My favorite food is sushi, if i could i’d eat it for breakfast, dinner, lunch… and midnight snacks
2. I’ve been working on one website since september and have not seen a dollar from it yet.. When its ready for your eyes I do hope i see some nickels and dimes 3. I have a guitar sitting in my room waiting for me to take up guitar (give it 3-5 years)
4. My favorite brand is Johnny Cupcakes he owns!
5. One day i plan on visiting everyone who has done work for me in India and buying them all a gourmet dinner following a massage or something deluxe for the awesome amazing people that have made me, me. 6. I love airplanes. I always try and haggle the flight attendants, and the airport staff for first class tickets (I actually get it sometimes :D) 7. Its 1:15 AM on a Sunday morning… I just watched the movie Envy, it rocked!!
8. I’ve recently been playing counterstrike… it is a big waste of time, and im happily getting sick of it!
I Tag…
Cameron Olthuis
Neil Patel
Chickenhole (From Millnicmedia)
Dave Adams
Kris Jones (pepperjam)
I know the rule says 8 people but i am tired and give up, i guess I’ll add people tomorrow

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