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A Quick Way To Make Money On Yahoo SEM

Hey guys,
I know a lot of my readers have never really given PPC marketing for whatever reason well here is a way for you all to give it a shot.
So basically if you want an easy way to put a small amount of money down and almost guarantee yourself a profit I recommend you game the Yahoo search marketing promotional codes. With a $300 investment you can have $1300 in ppc traffic to play with.
In order for you to continue to receive credit after the creation of your first account you need to clear your cookies but as long as you do so every account that you create will be credited with the $100 in bonus traffic. What you can do is ask your affiliate manager for a few campaigns that are doing well on search. Get about 10 high traffic keywords for those niches and track your EPC on a keyword basis for those keywords. After you have spent your $1300 spread across the accounts you will know which campaign to focus on and which keywords are most profitable for you. Take your EPC and bid accordingly. It’s really hard to lose money doing this.
Coupon URL: Free $100 Credit
Promo Code: US2300

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