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About Harrison Gevirtz. Everything To Know - CPA Share

My name is Harrison Gevirtz, and I run this blog to share information on my online and offline ventures. I’ve grown up in Santa Barbara, but I love to travel and maximize life’s experiences.

I am 31 years old and have been earning income online for the last 4 years. Much of my online focus has been on affiliate marketing, so I recently launched my own affiliate network at EWA Network. I started Gevirtz Media LLC to be a full service design, development, and consulting shop.

There has also been huge growth in the online local business search, so to take advantage of that I’m also working on to provide high quality SEO and SEM to local businesses with smaller budgets. If you’re a local professional service business owner and would like to be found on Google, get more people to your site, for your phone to ring more, send me a note to

And if you’re a larger company, spending at least $10k a month in marketing, we have our consulting practice– We do social advertising, SEO, large scale Pay Per Click, analytics, and even ad serving. We have just over 40 people on our team and are growing it– even in this economy.

I would say networking is one of my strong points that allows me to bring together the right people to make big things happen.

About Harrison Gevirtz. Everything To Know - CPA Share
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