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About My Article – How i got diamonds

Hey All
so i have been getting tens of emails daily of people asking me questions/giving compliments on my article. The most common question that I’m getting is “How did you manage to get diamonds at 13?” So i figured i’d make a blog post about it lol.
When i was almost 13 i went on ebay and tried to find a “Trading Assistant” who was in my town (A trading assistant is a person/business like the I-soldit franchise I wanted to bring them business via friends at school and get a cut of the commission the trading assistant received. I ended up finding a guy whose name is Crispin; I asked if he would let me sell stuff/help him find customers and he said sure. My job slowly turned from me selling my friends stuff on ebay (He just showed me the ropes :P), to me buying diamonds and coins from Crispin to sell on my own. It was a very fun endeavor but i was getting overwhelmed going to the Post Office every day and shipping out 30-40 packages!!
I ended up doing like 300 or so transactions on overstock auctions and a lot on ebay too. I tried to stick to overstock auctions as ebay Suspended my first account one day when i listed 10 auctions totaling $10-$15k in value. They required to see proof i owned the diamonds etc (it was a big pain in the ass).
Any other questions??:P

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