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Age Sucks!

Today i called a network (valueclick) and asked about becoming an advertiser (i want to try a few things out)! After about three minutes into the conversation the lady asked “How old are you???” After that the conversation sort-of crumbled i responded with “Why Do you ask” she than gave me a 3 minute lecture about how their company only worked with people 18+ due to the fact that adults are more mature etc etc. Personally i was offended and just hung up on her and got angry enough to write a blog post about it
Why does age matter? It’s just a number!!!! People judge people based on age and i believe that its an unfair category to judge; some adults are very immature and some teenagers are very mature (i am more on the immature side by the way :D)!!! Age shouldn’t be a factor to judge on and thats FINAL!!!!
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