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ASW West: I’m The Kid Who Sits Outside

I’m getting ready to fly to vegas this Sunday for Affiliate Summit West.. But I’m still not old enough and can’t even get into the show! After 3 years of flying to Affiliate Summits and pondering with Shawn Collins EVERY SHOW about getting in it really frustrates me. Couldn’t he spend $60 and buy wristbands for everyone whose above 21 or something? I go to these shows to work anyways.. Not get trashed!
I fly out on Sunday-Wednesday and I’m pretty excited to meet with the EWA Network Team at the Wynn. I’ve started planning a trip full of meetings and Dinners so even though I’m not 21 I’ll be keeping very busy!
My primary roll at EWA is establishing/managing relationships with our advertisers. This position has me searching high and low for new relationships to establish at the conference as well as managing and growing those existing merchant relationships. I def. maintain those relationships at this show more than the other shows where I can actually go on the conference floor and Biz Dev all day long!
If you will be in vegas and would like to meet up shoot me an e-mail to harrison [ at ] eaglewebassets [dot] com and we can schedule something.
Enjoy the show if your going.

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