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Back From AD:TECH SF 2007

Wow, It has been one hell of a week at AD:TECH San Francisco! When flying into San Fransisco i was thinking about just getting my work done and not networking/talking etc. I totally didn’t follow my own directions (i passed out 400 or so business cards/received 400 or so business cards). I had such a great time and met hundreds of industry leaders; people who i hope to be like one day! Since i made a post about the first day at AD:TECH i will write more in-depth about the days when the whole EXPO was open (the highlighted days).
Wednesday April 25th/Day 2
I got up bright and early (7 45 am) so i could be one of the first 10,000 people at the show. After showering, and getting ready i called a cab and they said they would be in front of my door in 10 minutes. The cab got there 40 minutes later. I ended up getting to the show at 9 15 am and was floored by the amount of booths, people, free stuff, and of course ATTENTION I GOT FOR MY AGE
After going to see all my affiliate managers i decided to start networking; which was a pretty easy thing to do when you look 5-6 years younger than everyone else. I kept walking from booth to booth, shaking hands and explaining what I do. I met so many interesting leaders and had a great time. I was so excited to see all the people i talk on the phone with 24/7 in person. Now i really know who i work with. I had a great time being interviewed by they were interviewing me for 2 blogs; 1 about the COOL affiliate program AdValiant and another one about the whole convention in general. I will show you guys those video’s when I get them! In addition to being Filmed i was interviewed by Daron Dabin of he asked me some cool questions and it was fun getting to chat with the SEGURU! I also got to meet another Web-Celebrity by the name of Neil Patel; he was a GREAT guy and i enjoyed talking to him. After all of the commotion of the 1st day of the Convention i decided to tag along with the guys of Mediatrust and go grab a bite to eat. While walking to dinner the CEO Peter received a call informing him that Him/His network had won the “Best Affiliate Marketing Offer” with We were all happy to hear that and went to a great sushi dinner to celebrate (If you do ringtones try this offer out it ROCKS)! I got home around 10pm and checked emails etc. Than i went to sleep and woke up around 9 15 to PIMP myself out at DAY 2 of AD:TECH SF!
Thursday April 26th/Day 3 Thursday was awesome because i networked with numerous industry leaders (more than the previous day)! I got to the show around 10 25pm and was ready to rock. I ran around the whole show meeting people and becoming acquainted with more and more people. I went and spoke to my friends at MediaTruth and they introduced me to some smart smart people! They introduced me to a guy named Nate who runs numerous dating sites. I will now be helping him get some attention to his websites (if you run dating offers hit me up at ). We went to lunch with my friend Dave who owns some huge websites and had some cool Asian food. It was this restaurant where the servers walked around with big trays and you just said “give me this one; can i try that one” etc etc. It was really fun. After going to lunch i went back to the show and helped webmasterradio interview various booth owners. I ran around the whole floor with Eddie (’s producer) and interviewed a bunch of smart people (including someone who interviewed me the night before) i also interviewed Shawn Collins who is an industry expert. I had a great time interviewing people! After that i invited my dad to the floor and i introduced him to my affiliate managers and now he fully understands what i do! Following the interviewing/Introduction of my business to my dad i shook hands with numerous smart people. Now i am going to be running some new advertisements on my sites! I ended up socializing till the very last second of the show. Following the show i went and got a quick dinner with Nate to discuss his websites.
I flew back at around 8pm and was even networking in the plane (someone from ADECN was int he seat behind me and i got his card).
I had a great time at ad:tech and am excited for the next conference!
Thanks For reading my rants,

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