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Becoming Addicted To Wickedfire

Hey Readers,
I have never really been that active on but i am slowly becoming extremely addicted to wickedfire. I’m happy that i’m addicted to an internet forum vs. something bad like crack or meth lol. If you want you should sign up and cause havoc like everyone else does on ;)! By the way i did not get anything from this post.. For you people who think i got a kickback or something your 100% wrong… I just love wickedfire…
On another note.. I am getting impatient, millnicmedia was up for a few hours today but is back down, this is really sad to see a network like millnic go down for such a long amount of time. Some lame hacker kid has been dossing the site because he claims that millnic media allows all spam, they are COMPLETELY wrong! I have reported people to the owners of millnicmedia (jeremy and dan) and i have seen the links go down… I hope the piece of sXXt that is doing the dosing gets majorly sued by Millnicmedia, Directtrack, and anyone else affected by the major illegal actions taken by the kid…
Im out,

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