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Being a “Business Blogger”

This morning I awoke Believing that I could maybe dedicate more time to this blog and turn it into something more profitable and well known. I have seen numerous ‘internet marketer’ blogs explode and have decided it’s time I get this blog somewhere, It’s time to get to work!
What I’m Planning On Doing: Although with my ridiculously busy schedule I can’t promise being 100% Religious about pouring tons of resources (time) into my blog right away as I have other things but as I see some coin in return I’m sure I’ll be motivated…
1. 3-5 Blog Posts Per Week (Minimum Of One Post On The Weekends) – Since I’m a big net nerd I am online A Lot: At night, In The morning, On The weekend and of course at normal times I am able to notice when people are working or aren’t, I have noticed that numerous internet marketing blogs just don’t post on the weekend and I get all angry wanting to read a post at Shoemoney or JohnChow but I’m like ”Damn It’s The Weekend :(” If i blog on the weekend I’ll probably be able to attract a lot of internet marketers who have the same problem that I do (Being Inefficient But Having NOTHING to read!)
2. Content Is King, I Need Some – In the next few weeks I plan to really remodel Cpashare into a site which has more to offer than just a blog. Some types of things I’ve seen other bloggers add are: Forums, Feed Things (Like The Marketplace On Shoemoney), Marketing Tools (Like Keyword Checkers and stuff), And Hopefully some resources for people just getting started.
3. New Design – I really like how this blog looks now but think it’s time for a change. With all the cool things I plan on having added I’ve decided it’s time for a pimp new redesign! If you have any suggestions on how I should have cpashare redesigned please don’t be shy and tell me!
4. Get some sponsors! – I haven’t quite decided on what type of advertisers I hope to have pursue me but hope they are somewhat relevant to what I actually do (Not ads with 0 relevance!). I am also still pondering how to put ads on CpaShare. Should I put my main advertisements in an organized setup like on or should I sell plugs in my blog posts (Like a blog post than a 2 line ad or something), or should i do something totally different than those ideas?
5. Make Some Coin, Finally! *THIS IS ONE OF MY FIRST ACTUAL SET-IN-STONE GOALS EVER* This is something that I rarely decide and something that I never tell people about. With Cpashare i expect/want to start earning $5,000-$10,000 USD per month by Summertime (June 15th). I got like exactly 6 months, thats cool :p
6. Last But Not Least – Non $ Benefits – I really want to build a name for myself, when I initially launched my blog I intended to get known and establish more relationships with advertisers, other affiliates, and whoever else is out there and wants to know me; With a really pimped up blog where I spend time and actually post often, I’m sure I could meet even more cool people from my blog and eventually make millions with Everyone!
Don’t count on seeing me act like John Chow and revealing my income from this blog as my parents would probably bitch me out if I posted how much I make regardless of if its my whole businesses income or my awesome blog but I will probably give round figures and let everyone know how I’m doing.
Well, I gotta go do some Biology Homework

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