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Being Young Sucks!

It’s TAX time everybody… I have been lagging about my taxes/putting them off for months. Yesterday i realized “Oh Shit they need to be done by Tuesday.” So of course i pulled out the phone book and started trying to call some places. My first thought was to call one of those little tax places like “H&R Block” so i cold save money. So i pick up the phone and call H&R Block. I say “Hi i wanted to make an appointment to get my taxes done.” Instead of the person on the other side of the phone all they did was hang up on me because i sounded young. So after trying the other H&R Block in my town i was 0/2 and was getting a little worried. Than i saw the number of a big accounting company and figured “Hmm i will try it.” So i call them and before i say “I need to make an appoinment” (I just said Hi…) i was hung up on… I finally found a place but next year i am going to purchase a voice changer so i dont sound young (so people take my seriously)

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