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Big project post #1

Hey everyone,
i want to start my post by telling all of you that i am currently in Hawaii so i wont be writing that much regarding my new “Big Project.” I own websites which make most of their money on YPN and i have seen my rpc start to slip (which sucks). So i want to attempt to Double my website revenue and not make any money with CPC. YPN cans people left and right for various bullshit reasons such as “Low Conversion” “Non US Traffic” in addition to other reasons. My goal in this “Project” is to double my income off my websites and not use ANY CPC advertising networks. The only thing that I am going to allow myself to use is; 1. Cpa advertisements 2. Link sales 3. CPM advertisements. That is it, in addition to earning the same money off those means of online advertising I will have to actually DOUBLE what I make!
Can i do it??
You tell me

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