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Big project post #2

I am still working on changing my websites layouts (which includes ad placement/which networks are on the web pages) but am talking to networks every day about what I am about to do. I feel what I am going to do is going to catapult me up into the “Big Timers” of affiliate/internet marketers. Me and a friend are currently coding our own advertising management script which will be the portal for us to insert advertisments (cpa offer text links etc.) We have hand crafted our own little Text ad looking thing like adsense/ypn and will be able to put whatever we want in those text ad’s using my portal. If something does not sell/i can’t find something to put there it will give the advertisment to: 1. Another one of my websites, 2. A Small CPM Advertisment, or 3. a randomly selected cpa advertisment. I am planning on releasing this “Portal” on my websites within the next 3 weeks and am anticipating to see if i make money or just tank.
I will let you guys know,

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