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I’ve received numerous e-mails lately from fellow marketers where I am, What I’m up to and why I’m not blogging. Well I’ve just been extremely busy with my partner Ryan Eagle building our private network EWA. Ryan and I launched EWA in February and have been growing the network since. We’ve kept our business model a little different than competing networks making it more simple to get paid but a little harder for random affiliates to get accepted. We keep our network private, making it so you have to know me, ryan..or one of our active affiliates running on the network. Although we don’t accept everybody because of this there are perks to being approved in the network, these are: Weekly payments from day one (Everyone get’s a check or wire on Thursdays for the previous week’s volume regardless of how much this makes cash flow a problem of the past for affiliates), the Highest payouts – Running an offer I don’t have? Let me or Ryan know and we’ll find that offer and beat the payout for you within 72 hours! Best of all, our affiliates get our help.. EWA is a network which realizes the flaws in other networks and seals that gap when you really need advice on an ad or a campaign hit us up we really are here to help affiliates and grow there business with us :).
I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately for work all over the country focusing on the business development aspects of our network and having a blast at the same time. Meaning, if your an advertiser, E-mail me ;)!
Just a side note, Last year around this time I decided Blitzlocal was not the path I wanted to go on, Marketing online Balling style is how I do it and I split. I have absolutely nothing to do with blitzlocal in any way shape or form; and I’m very glad to say that.
Enjoy your holidays everybody I hope to see you all in Vegas at Affiliate Summit. I’m going to try and be more active on my blog from now on.
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