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Biggest News… EVER!

Well everybody,
i have some huge amazing news to tell you about how my career is about to explode! I am so happy its hard to even explain to you guys (my readers) on how this has really changed my life. I am finally not going to be attending regular highschool as I dropped at Santa Barbara High School yesterday and am enrolling into an Independent Studies Program at a school that’s main campus is ON THE SAME CAMPUS as my old highschool. Instead of going to school for 30hours a week i will only have to goto school for 5 hours per week. I am very happy about this as i will still be able to see my friends (its on the same campus), and because i can work a tremendous amount more/earn more :D!
I have to give my mom and dad a shoutout/thank them for working hard to get me out of that shithole i used to call School.
On another relevant note i would like to introduce a guest blogger (i will be adding more) named Brett Dixx. He is an affiliate manager at OfferFusion and is here to continue to blog about network related stuff/how it affects you affiliates out their :D..
He will blog later today and give you a more ‘quality’ intro.
Well im out,

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