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2007 » January

I have finally come to the decision that I am going to invest a small portion of my monthly earnings into various search marketing campaigns which i will be starting up in the next few weeks. Since i have not had much experience with SEM I am not going to stress over not breaking even …

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2007 » April

I have been messing around with terms such as “Mothers Day Flowers” and not seeing a return; promoting offers which paid out like $15.00 per lead. I thought an offer like that would perform pretty well but I guess I’m wrong. I know most SEM’ers don’t reveal their secrets but I’m just looking into covering …

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This class is a disaster

Since i consider myself a computer nerd I enrolled in “Computer Graphics 101″ here at my school last semester (it is a two semester class) and I am writing from this treacherous class! Due to the fact that a public school computer graphics class is sponsored by the state of California we have to do …

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2007 » September

…thanks for the kind introduction Harrison. I will take the intro from here if I may for just this one time. Enter Brett Dix, and I am indeed an Account Manager with OfferFusion, Bellevue, Washington. (Seattle area) OfferFusion is a CPA / Co-registration affiliate network marketing company. We have been in business 3.7 years. I …

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2007 » November

yo guys, just letting you know that my blog was down for the weekend due to the fact that i forgot to renew the domain. It’s all back and ill be doing a synopsis of ad:tech new york tomorrow. lates, harrison

2007 » May

Wow, May 2007 has finally come to an end (well in a few hours!) I am excited its june for numerous reasons… 1. AD:TECH Miami, 2. ASE is in a few weeks 3. My Birthday is June 19th 1992 – I’m going to be 15 4. School will be out… I would like to summarize …

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2007 » June

My dog ben was diagnosed with bone cancer on thursday and the cancer spread extremely fast. We had to put ben down today and i am very very very sad! I won’t be blogging for a few days just to recover. i took a snapshot before my dog was put down and wanted to share …

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2007 » July

hey readers, i wanted to apologize for being so busy the last couple of weeks. I am going to make it more of a priority to blog at least 1 time per day starting tomorrow. I am currently working on about 4 massive projects + doing all my little mini projects. I have been working …

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2007 » August

hey guys, i had my first day of school today and i have to say. My school must be going EXTREMELY broke as they cannot even give us second sets of books etc. It really sucks…. Now back on subject: I am looking to pay a designer to design my affiliate network right now …

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2007 » October

Hey guys, its pretty late and ive been finishing up some stuff for tomorrow and something came to my mind. I just recently got a new cell phone: the sidekick LX which is the new model of sidekick phones. What came to my mind was how poorly marketed the new phone was. I did not …

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2007 » February

As most of you know, I do attend high school like other kids my age. Although i do act like a kid; hang out with friends, text message, and talk in class I still keep my eye out for anything noticeable when it comes to my fields of expertise. Yesterday at lunch i was sitting …

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