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2008 » July

Hey Guys, I know it’s 3 AM But I just thought I’d do a quick post before bed. A few weeks ago I did a post about google analytics and how important it is to use. I said I would be doing some posts covering specific tools that google analytics has that you can use …

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2008 » January

Hey guys, I got back from Vegas late last night and have a lot to tell. First off, Vegas is truly an unbelievable city; after walking through casino after casino I’ve come to learn a new type of energy, Casino Energy. While walking through the casino’s to get to where I needed to go I …

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2008 » June

Hey Guys, Just got back from Boston yesterday. Am happy to be home! Going to a friend of mines wedding in Northern California tomorrow-Monday than I get a few days before I travel to go see my new house that me and my biz partner (and 2 employees) have rented in boulder. Boston was quick …

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