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2009 » June

Not talking about affiliate ad network offers, but making money on facebook advertising serving the thousands of business that are in your neighborhood. Most of the dentists, lawyers, roofing contractors, cosmetic surgeons and other professional service firms are spending a few thousand a month on yellow page advertising. Most of that money is flushed down …

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2009 » December

I’ve received numerous e-mails lately from fellow marketers where I am, What I’m up to and why I’m not blogging. Well I’ve just been extremely busy with my partner Ryan Eagle building our private network EWA. Ryan and I launched EWA in February and have been growing the network since. We’ve kept our business model …

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2009 » January

Wow.. It’s been a few months since a last post and I finally have a minute to let everybody know what I’m doing. Recently I’ve been staying home and restructuring things and focusing on the old fashion affiliate business model (just me, myself, and I getting stuff done :)) It’s doing well and it’s really …

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2009 » April

I’m a speaker at Affiliate Convention, which is in Denver from June 17-20th. The topic that I’m speaking on is “Representing the Interests of Affiliates”, where I’ll cover the key issues that affiliates deal with and how to deal with them. As an affiliate, you’re probably a one man (or one woman) show, so how …

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