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CPA Share

So after the haters have complained about the ancient WordPress theme on, I had my designers make this one. Tell me what you think– besides the fact that the comments portion isn’t working properly at the bottom. But clearly, having a crappy blog design MUST mean that I don’t make money. And if I …

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So Heres The Deal

Wow im sorry i havent been blogging but i have a good valid excuse well; pretty much ive been actually focusing on school this week for the hell of it… ( i usually just say fuck it ). I will be introducing a few other blog posters in future weeks and will also be posting …

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Biggest News… EVER!

Well everybody, i have some huge amazing news to tell you about how my career is about to explode! I am so happy its hard to even explain to you guys (my readers) on how this has really changed my life. I am finally not going to be attending regular highschool as I dropped at …

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Heading Out To SF!

Hey Guys, I just thought I would let everybody know that I am going up to San Francisco in a few hours. I will be sure to take pictures of the launch party and all the cool ‘web 2.0′ people I see. The new Myspace/OpenSocial API is something I am going to be working very …

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School Starts Monday

Hey everyone, i havent posted in a few days since i have been and am still curently on vacation. I will be back on Friday. I have been excited for this vacation since the start of the summer and cannot explain how happy i am to be hanging on the beach in cabo san lucas …

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