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Establishing a brand

I have talked with numerous affiliate marketers about what they feel the strongest about when optimizing a conversion rate/bettering the changes of a sale and I have come to the conclusion that establishing a brand can be complicated but is probably the best alternative to not making any money at all :D. When i google …

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Back From AD:TECH SF 2007

Wow, It has been one hell of a week at AD:TECH San Francisco! When flying into San Fransisco i was thinking about just getting my work done and not networking/talking etc. I totally didn’t follow my own directions (i passed out 400 or so business cards/received 400 or so business cards). I had such a …

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Age Sucks!

Today i called a network (valueclick) and asked about becoming an advertiser (i want to try a few things out)! After about three minutes into the conversation the lady asked “How old are you???” After that the conversation sort-of crumbled i responded with “Why Do you ask” she than gave me a 3 minute lecture …

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Mothers Day Campaigns

I have been messing around with terms such as “Mothers Day Flowers” and not seeing a return; promoting offers which paid out like $15.00 per lead. I thought an offer like that would perform pretty well but I guess I’m wrong. I know most SEM’ers don’t reveal their secrets but I’m just looking into covering …

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