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Being Young Sucks!

It’s TAX time everybody… I have been lagging about my taxes/putting them off for months. Yesterday i realized “Oh Shit they need to be done by Tuesday.” So of course i pulled out the phone book and started trying to call some places. My first thought was to call one of those little tax places …

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Incentive Websites

Being someone who earns a living using various means of online advertising i tend to come up with cool ideas which i think would make me a lot of money if I had the capabilities to actually start something like X or Y. Well I have come up with an idea which is simply out …

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I’m back i guess

Hey Readers, I’ve been busy the past few months. Have done a ton with my business in addition to travel to Japan, France, and Boulder CO a few times.. I will be doing some posts again. Business has been good although it’s not all ppc. I’ve been doing Local Business SEM with a new company …

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Here I am, freshman in high school writing a blog on advertising from photo shop class. I honestly have wanted to make a site of this nature for the last six months and i have finally gotten off my ass and created something. For my first “post” i want to talk about the rapid growth …

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Since i consider myself a computer nerd I enrolled in “Computer Graphics 101″ here at my school last semester (it is a two semester class) and I am writing from this treacherous class! Due to the fact that a public school computer graphics class is sponsored by the state of California we have to do …

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