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Consulting? Easy? NO!

I have always wanted to consult for people because i feel that i am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to Internet marketing, PPC, Website promotion, and freelance design (I manage a team of developers in India etc. etc). Well i finally got what i wanted; last night a guy instant messaged me on aol and asked if I would mind helping him figure some ideas out for his new website. Now because i don’t want to just ruin this guys idea (and I think when you consult for someone there is some sort of a confidentiality agreement I can’t really talk about what we discussed) but what I will say is numerous people have GREAT ideas which they just don’t know what to do with it. I do ok when it comes to making money on the internet but I loved making a quick $500.00 for two hours of doing what i do best, talking!
When he asked if I would be willing to consult i said “Sure, no problem” because i figured consulting would be a piece of cake. Well i was completely wrong! After about 40minutes into his “Consultation” i started struggling; When your consulting you better be ready to answer some extremely random questions which you/I have never thought about in my life before! Long story short I loved doing it and I will be making a website advertising “Harrison Gevirtz’s Consulting Services.” When you want me to consult for you mention you found out about me and my consulting through my blog and I will give you a deal :)! I will be posting a link in a few days, for now just email me if you need me
Thanks for reading!

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