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Hey Guys lately ive been receiving a ton of those 419 scam e-mails and am going to be honest and let everybody know that those e-mails are honestly one of the funniest attempts/scams on the web. Just thought i would copy one of these scammmm/spam emails for you guys to giggle over ;).
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“Dear Friend,
Good day. I sincerely seek your assistance.
My name is Mr. Jonathan Zango,whom his entire family was wiped out, as a result of Egyptian Airlines that crashed into the Red Sea in Cairo and I am the only son. Before the accident, my Father deposited the sum of 17.2 million U.S dollars cash in a Security Company
in my name in Europe.
I am with all the documents that covers the fund and as an asylum seeker , it is not in my legal capacity to put up claims to this fund. This is why I need your assistance as my late father’s foreign partner to put up claims to this fund.I will forward to you all the documents
that cover this fund.
I will offer you 25% of the fund for your assistance and efforts while 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that we may incurred during this transaction.If interested and capable to assist me in this transaction, please get back to me immediately.You are to send
me your telephone and fax number.
I look forward to a favorable response from you and reply to me by on
address (
Best regards,
Jonathan Zango.”

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