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Directtrack Goes Down… Harrison Loses Money!

WOW! we started this week on a GREAT start with Millnicmedia going completely down. I must say that directtrack is probably the most unprofessional affiliate tracking option out there. Being a webmaster for a little over a year I have been through DOSSING and i have always been able to get back onto my feet. I CAN NOT believe that after a Doss Directtracks “Powerful Servers” didn’t even stay online. What a disaster. I lost a nice chunk of money and am probably not even going to get my laptop this month due to the fact that I couldn’t work my magic. I think directtrack should buy me a laptop due to the fact that they can’t even handle a dos attack.
I hope directtrack fixes the problem sooner or later. You’ve already been classified as a f***ing joke on numerous blogs and I don’t see how you can achieve such a lower status than that.
Sorry To Be Rude But This Is a Joke, I hope millnic SUES directtrack for 20 hours of simultaneous downtime
Later – Harrison

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