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Does Age Really Mean Anything?

I always ask myself this question and want to broaden the selection of answers from just me to my small but valuable readership. Does age really mean anything? I mean, Generally speaking it does in numerous aspects but im trying to figure out if the whole “the older you are the more mature” you are thing is just bullshit. Its generally obvious when your a young child if you are going to me “Mature” or a “Loud Obnoxious Kid.” I just dont see how people really judge human beings by age.
By The Way, Nothing Just Affected Me By My Age/I Am Just Blogging About It Because I Feel Like It!
It just bothers me that people judge based on age when they dont even know the person/kid. People should realize that they once were young too (tacky quote). Its lame how the law revolves around age and how one day your considered an ”adult” and on the day before that your just a kid. Kind of eating at me why people judge by age and wanted to Let It Go
haha, later guys/srry i havent been posting

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