CPA Share – A Great phone call

On Monday i checked my e-mails like i do every day and i noticed a newsletter from a network which i joined but never had much activity. Since times have changed since i applied i was interested in the networks specialties so i decided to call the network and have a chat with my affiliate manager. I was calling around 4pm and i had called RIGHT when all the affiliate managers were going in for there 4pm meeting. My rep didn’t quite believe that i was fourteen years old and decided to put me on speaker-phone in the conference room. I had a great call with the affiliate managers of and have become very fond of that network. I would like to share what we discussed as it is VERY interested in my opinion.
We jumped around topics but i believed the most interesting topic which we discussed was about the experience of Affiliate managers. One of the AM’s was new and i asked him if he believed he would be a more efficient affiliate manager if he actually had an Affiliate account and was able to do search marketing to become more aware of what affiliates actually do. He agreed and i believed even though the affiliate managers had not been veterans of CPA marketing for a long time. I could tell that the affiliate managers who were in the meeting: Brandon, Natalie, And Evan cared about there affiliates which motivated me to write a thread about our extremely interesting conversation.
I am looking forward to doing future business with them and am happy i came across a network which such HIGH ZIP submit payout offers. They currently have an auto insurance offer which converts on a ZIP SUBMIT at $2.00 per lead. They have numerous offers like that which are directly their offers (They are the advertiser). So check out

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