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Establishing a brand

I have talked with numerous affiliate marketers about what they feel the strongest about when optimizing a conversion rate/bettering the changes of a sale and I have come to the conclusion that establishing a brand can be complicated but is probably the best alternative to not making any money at all :D.
When i google competitive terms like Refinance and Mortgage most of the sponsored listings are specially designed landing pages which rout people to an actual offer landing page. I believe this is becoming “In” and redirecting users with a meta-refresh is becoming “Out.” I’ve ask friends of mine what they thing and we both agreed that building a brand for your ring-tone or refinance offers (or any offers) will increase your ROI. I am not suggesting you spend hundreds of dollars to create a “cute” little landing page and put links to 850,000 offers onto it. I am just recommending that establishing a name for your specific landing pages will probably optimize your conversion rates.
For example; when you google “Hip Hop Ringtones” the first two ad-words advertisements are:
If you notice the first advertisement is actually a full website with links to CPA offers. I am guessing that the first advertiser up there is seeing a better return compared to the 2nd guy (first off the second guy says get “HOP” ringtones in addition to being a very ugly standard website with 4 buttons to different carriers). The first page is more of a straight to the point page but is more colorful and probably makes more money. Just a few colors tags and maybe a brand (such as “” -the site i pointed out*).
Its just an idea… Post your feedback
* I have nothing to do with

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