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Grrrrrr…. Air Travel=Terrible

well im home… after grueling delays, lines, switching of flights, and of course having my bags lost. Heres what happened. My flight from cabo was at 5pm connecting in Phoenix to santa barbara california (at around 7pm so we had 1hour to go through custsoms etc). My dad and i both agreed that we should try to take an earlier flight out (the 4pm flight) so we could have some more time to go through customs. so we got to the airport around 1pm, after joining the massive line we did not get to the agent until 4pm so it was to late! We knew that unless we RAN when we landed in phoenix we were pretty much fucked.
well, worst came to worst and when we landed they could not find a gate so we had to sit in the tarmac for 30minutes. Once we finally got a gate me, my brother, and dad ran as fast as possible to get through immigration and than went to fetch our luggage. Of Course; our luggage had to take forever so that was when we new that we were probably stranded in phoenix. After customs, we went to the transfers desk and the lady told us that we could make it if we ran. We gave her our bags and ran as fast as possible… But; the security line totally killed us :(! Once we knew we had missed our flight we had 2 options: 1. Be stranded in Phoenix till 7am next morning with No luggage or 2. Catch a flight to vegas that was taking off 10 minutes from than, than go vegas to santa barbara at midnight. We took option 2 and landed in vegas at around 8:45 pm. We had till 11:50 so we decided to leave the airport and go have some dinner at the MGM Grand Buffet (it was freaking good by the way :P). We than got back to the airport at 10:50 and were on our flight to santa barbara at 11:50.
Once we landed, we went to the baggage claim and our bags were NOT there!!!!
so at 1am after traveling through mexico, arizona, vegas, and now california we had to wait in line to file a ‘claim’ we did it and left to goto sleep…. Long story short they just informed us that they have found our baggage and are transporting it to our house… GRRRRRR@ AIR TRAVEL!
i would like to now blog about how i did a small (new) test with online dating buti have to go back to school shopping (lame)…

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