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This is a guest post from my boy Wes @ I will be posting more like tomorrow!
We’ve all been here before. You have been working diligently and after 2 months of spending your money and time to test a PPC campaign, you finally got it to work! Your doing great and your campaign is producing a positive 100% return on investment. Your making a lot of money and you continue to scale it. Everything is going great, until, you get an email saying your campaign is being discontinued next week…
If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for any time at all, you’ll have experienced this before. It is always disappointing to work so hard on a campaign and then have it turned off after you got it to work. After encountering this to many times I got frustrated and told myself I wouldn’t keep promoting things that would turn off after several days, and I would only focus on longer term campaigns. As a personal preference I’d much rather have campaigns that I could setup and let run for a several years. And although it might seem hard to believe it is pretty easy to find offers that will run for easily a year plus or longer if you take the time to find them.
Now lets not forget of course, that there is a significant amount of money to be made in short-term to medium-term niches. Sometimes you can make the most money in the shortest amount of time on a new campaign that you can hit off–just don’t expect it to last very long because the offer has no history. However, what if you also took your time and invested into getting up a campaign that you know would be around for a long time? You would now be able to make your money, you can still get a good ROI, and you’ll probably earn more money for a longer period-of-time, and ultimately make more than if the offer was short term.
So instead of getting the top converting offers for the month, you could take a different approach. Instead what if you got the top converting offers for the past year, only showing offers that have been around for 12+ months or longer. This will give you the best converting campaigns that have been around for awhile and will most likely be around for a lot longer because the advertiser has figured out everything on their side and made it profitable for them–so they will continue to run their campaign for years because it is working for them consistently.
The first offer I ever ran was an education offer, the advertiser has been around since 2005, I didn’t think of it at the time, but even now that campaign after a year is still running because the advertiser has optimized their campaign and will continue to keep it running. It’s great, after 12 months the campaign is still going.
So if your getting frustrated that the networks are closing down your offers after you just got it to work; you can avoid this, by doing a little extra work. When you want to look for a campaign you can now SORT BY HISTORY and only run the ones that have been around for the longest period of time. This will allow you to promote campaigns that if you get working, will continue to work great for you. And although as simple and basic this tip is, if you implemented it, it can pay you large dividends because now all your offers are staying around for 6 months or longer.

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