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Hello my fellow Affiliate Marketers!

…thanks for the kind introduction Harrison. I will take the intro from here if I may for just this one time. Enter Brett Dix, and I am indeed an Account Manager with OfferFusion, Bellevue, Washington. (Seattle area) OfferFusion is a CPA / Co-registration affiliate network marketing company. We have been in business 3.7 years. I have been an Account Manager with OfferFusion for only 2.5 months. Prior to accepting the offer to work at OfferFusion, I was an Account Executive at HouseValues. If any of you are interested, you can learn more about me by going to my LinkedIn profile.
I am looking forward to contributing here on the CPAshare blog. I plan to post on topics not too different than what you are already used to from the categories there on the right. I may; however, be able to offer a whole different perspective than Harrison since I am actually on the front lines every day as an Account Manager for an Affiliate Network company.
My background has not always been as an Account Manager, Sales Rep, or Account Executive Executive. I have been a student of on-line marketing ever since the Internet really took off back in 1994. (Oh my, I think I have just dated myself, woops…lol.) One thing is for sure, I am extremely passionate about Internet advertising, and on-line marketing. I actually do not have to go to work every day because I really love what I do. I also like to blog, so this opportunity is a perfect fit!
Please reply with a hello comment if you like, and if you can, please make some suggestions on some topics that you would like see discussed here on the CPAshare blog. It’s important to remember….This blog is all about YOU. Until my next post, I wish everyone continued success!

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