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How do you become an affiliate marketer

a few days ago i put out a post asking for people to e-mail me blog post ideas. I recieved an e-mail from someone who is an expirienced SEO/Web Guy who wanted a guide to making money with affiliate marketing. I might be seeing it differently but I think he was asking for me to post/give some tips of the migration of a web guy to a ”affiliate marketer”
I’d love to help :P… I am just going to post a few tips on this post and if you (my readers) gain anything from this just let me know through a comment and we can transform this into a series.
1. Use what you know to make money: When you first want to leave the land of websites/making money off ads why not convert your money w/ ad websites into “Affiliate Marketing” ads websites. What i mean is make money by using the tactics which you have had success with in previous experiences with a totally different vertical. When i first got into generating leads for networks (using cpa etc), i had a little turnkey website which i had clicksor ads running on. I slowly mutated my turnkey crap site and put cpa banners. Although i didn’t make as much as i was making off clicksor i kept trying new things and coming up with some stupid and some actually useful ideas…
2. Read, Read, Read: When i first tried to get into PPC i bought all these books on amazon. Although i have yet to read those books i just think that they look good on my bookshelf. JK, although none of the books have been fully read i think that each of the books have helped me in some way or another. Even if you hate reading books (like me) you will see that just knowing you have those books is an assurance that if anything that totally confuses you comes up, you will still know what to do.
3. If your doing search, google your own verticals: I tend to do this all the time and i think that some new SEM’s/affiliate marketers probably don’t do this. If Your An Aff Marketer You Can Even Benefit From This Google your own verticals… Dont steal your competitors ads and landing pages but check em out, analyze etc… Reading and viewing your competitors will probably give you an eye and a feel for what your competitors are dominating with.
4. Ask Your Affiliate Managers Questions: If newly into aff marketing asking your account managers questions is probably the best thing you can do. It can really broaden the horizons when affiliate managers take your questions into there own hands and really look around and find something for you, It Helps!
5. Don’t Signup For Just One Affiliate Network: I’ve met people who have become/transformed into affiliate marketers and they keep their options very enclosed by only joining one affiliate network. I personally recommend that signing up to 2, 3, 10, maybe even 15 affiliate networks is your best bet. You might not earn tons/or even a dime with each network but it really gives you a chance to look and see what various networks have to offer…
Well, New Aff Marketers/And Old Let me know if this post helped you because if it did i will post another few tips for you guys ;)…
Also, thanks to Kris Jones to being the only nice one and replying to my ping thing heh…

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