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How was your May?

Wow, May 2007 has finally come to an end (well in a few hours!) I am excited its june for numerous reasons… 1. AD:TECH Miami, 2. ASE is in a few weeks
3. My Birthday is June 19th 1992 – I’m going to be 15
4. School will be out…
I would like to summarize my month of may and i was wondering how your may was! First of all I have started to run some ppc through copeac and am doing pretty well with it, You should Signup for Copeac and see how much they rock. In other news, school has been a drag with everybody getting so fucking restless for summer (including myself)! I think i hit my goal on millnicmedia, and am also starting to run a little bit more on Azoogleads (i think they also Rock (signup for azoogle))
I also started blogging on which has been a fun experience (speaking of which i need to write up my next post!!). I keep meeting new people and building new relationships everyday and that is probably my best May accomplishment.
On the negative, my English teacher just assigned us some new bogus bullshit video project (and she’s so damn demanding)! Millnicmedia is still down other than that my may owned…
So tell me this, How was your may?

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