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So Today (Monday) i recieved an e-mail from somebody who really wanted me to go in depth about what i do online and to really give the ‘new edge’ affiliate marketer the basic tips to really optimize campaigns, sites and earn the bragging rights to say “i earn money online.”
First off; wanted to let everyone know why i have been busy/not blogging as often. First of all i am in the process of launching an affiliate program. Right now its just personal friends as my affiliates and we are doing great; i am hoping to release the network to you guys at the end of my week. E-mail me if interested gevirtz media @ gmail . com
The other big project ive been working on is a project that ive been working on september. I am now officially able to give out a link as my developers are ready to start testing. I will post more in depth later this week.
Now; before i go in depth i want to give this little ‘explanation of what i do’ in ‘english’ this is what i usually tell people who ask me who arent computer geeks like me. “I generate leads for companies by generating traffic through a program called Google adwords which consists of the little ’sponsored links’ on the right page of google search” than they usually ask me how i make money with that and i say “when someone clicks on it i make money when the user signs up for the service or buys whatever i am promoting; than i am paid for a lead.” thats my non nerd explanation heres the good version now guys.
Now i am mainly promoting offers that i have on my network; some dating, some ring tones and now starting to do search on my project. When i do search campaigns i usually try to keep the concentration of keywords, ad groups, and ad’s small vs. the way i started (collecting as much as possible). Sure it lowers the click volume but i really like only paying for refined traffic. Why spend an extra 500.00 a day on less relevant lower converting clicks? It really helps
Campaign optimization is usually a hipe so i cant give very advanced suggestions and methods to keyword optimization but i will just give a few ‘ideas’ to optimize your campaign. 1st: Dynamic Keyword insertion (the {keyword:backup word} feature) can be a great addon to your ads if you somehow integrate it into your landing page ( purchase {keyword} now or something? ) This usually ads a great deal of trust to the user because they feel that you the vendor (your landing page) really know what they want. Another idea is to keep your bids low even if the google traffic estimator says your ad spot will be 4-6 and it will cost you $2-$3 per day; I have seen the google estimator say my ad spot would be 4-6 and i would get 1-2 clicks for $2-4 per day at .75 per click/following which i would bid $.25 per click and get spots 1-3 and get 500 clicks a day on one or two keywords (This is not always true!!). Last but not least; On your landing page i recommend making sure your landing page is seo friendly. It really helps with googles lame quality score!
Quality websites; I have seen people make money by investing/paying to have small sites coded for Under a thousand dollars and love to encourage small start up projects but currently i am in the process of a long haul site: (the name might change by the way) so i am not the type of guy to give advice on new small sites except for the 1 thing i do when i start a site. TIP: Whenever i make a new site i usually goto text-link-ads and spend about $50.00 on links just to send the new domain name/site a little trust.
Getting into an internet busy can be a profitable but very hard endeavor to jump into especially if you have little/no internet knowledge. But it is very doable. For vague tips and ideas i really can only encourage to not be hesitant to ask internet experts (webmasters, programmers, me, and other people that might not seem willing but are usually more than willing to give a “noob” some tips and help you become the next rich net mofo… lol
Tomorrow im going to be doing a combo which will consist of information on my new network+some ideas i have which i need to throw around with you guys to see if it could be profitable. (promotional ideas).
It’s good to be back guys, later
p.s. is anybody going to the cpaempirebreakaway?

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