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CPA ShareFirst Week… Of A Long School Year

Hey guys,
its saturday morning and i am beyond happy to not be in my shitty science class at the moment (thats what class i would be in). I’m not to psyched up on this school year as the first week seemed to go buy slower than a fucking turtle. I didnt post much this week because i dont have a class to post from like i used to have (I would post during boring photoshop class and i would actually stay awake :P) now i don’t really have a computer class so i just have to wait till night time (when im already extremely busy… sorry guys).
I feel that the only + about this new school year is getting to see all my old friends who i lost contact with over the summer. On another note; I’ve been thinking about taking this blog and forming it into a blog with multiple writers etc.
Feedback please??

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