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This post is to call out all the negative comments on my post About What I Did This Week
Honestly Guy(s), leaving comments on my blog without any merit is kind of lame. Claiming my parents built my business, etc., is bullshit. And don’t call bullshit on my prior engagement (before internet stuff). I really used to sell Diamonds & Coins on eBay and Overstock. See below :
I learned the business from a mentor of mine who used to be an eBay Powerseller. He set me up with some wholesale diamond & coin deals and I was able to make a cool chunk of change for a 12 year old. It’s really not that big of a deal and I could have chosen to keep selling Diamonds and Coins & probably had just as much success…But I was sick of going to the post office – It sucked..
Seriously Though, Instead Of Calling B.S. Just ask, Don’t Player Hate
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