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I Need To Learn To Write

So I’ve been thinking about improving my writing skills and I have decided that I am on a journey to learn to actually write. Here’s my project for the next few weeks. I believe that improving my writing skills will help me with my PPC campaigns because better grammar on my landing page might help :D!
Here’s what I am going to do… 1. I am going to read up online about how to write well… 2. I am going to read some books from the library. 3. If you want to help me “Write good” (I’m only kidding when i said “write good” I’m def. better than that lol) Just email me Harrison @ gevirtzmedia . com
4. I will keep everybody informed on my mission to be the next William Shakespeare
I hope i can get to the point where I can actually understand my own fucking writing!!!
On another note Millnicmedia is STILL DOWN! iughewg984h9gto

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