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Being someone who earns a living using various means of online advertising i tend to come up with cool ideas which i think would make me a lot of money if I had the capabilities to actually start something like X or Y. Well I have come up with an idea which is simply out of my/my developers leagues of expertise. I have seen websites like this but my idea is superior (because i said so).
Well you guys have read my boring little introduction and I think its time I tell you my idea! I think a good incentivization website which actually paid users for leads and was coded in such a way that users could have various payouts based on the amount of offers they sign up for would be a cool idea. There are numerous Incentive’s websites out there which all have standard rates and payout at the end of the month or give users “Gifts” (websites such as do gifts). The complicated thing in my head about some sort of incentive website like this is a way to actually automate a script into determening payouts for each individual “Affiliate”. I know its not that complicated but when I actually formed the idea it was like 5x better but i forgot it from the time i came up with the idea to now
Goodnight – See you guys at AD:TECH

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