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Landing Pages – You Need Them!

ey all,
I am starting to do more keyword stuff than I was the last 2-3months (I found cheap alternate traffic sources which got kind of whored out, I just stuck to it for a while though) and definitely learned my lesson. I hadn’t done keyword stuff for a while and was just trying to be lazy one night and set up a redirect on one of my domains and got to work creating a campaign. After about 4 hours of work a friend of mine instant messaged me, I started telling him how I was working on a campaign etc. After I told him that I had no landing page he virtually stopped dead in his tracks to tell me “Dude! Not Smart!!” This could’ve been my savior but I thought I knew my shit and proceeded. Like 2 hours and 30 minutes after my ads went live i logged on to see if anything had happened, I had like 10 leads with a revenue of like $65.00 or something. I was anticipating see how much I had spent to achieve the $65 in leads so I stayed on my PC for a good hour to see google update, I had spent $133.00 to do $65.00 in revenue :-, I was glad i had caught it early since I had a 2,500.00/day testing budget set in place, shorty after that I decided I should tweak my ads, keywords, and the keywords on my little meta-refresh page to up the QS a little bit. After working 2 hours on this stupid campaign I uploaded everything into adwords editor expecting a better margin on the campaign.
I went to sleep and in the morning i woke up to see that I had spent $1750.00 to make $900.00 and my ads had all been shut off because of them being direct linking etc.
To prevent this from happening again I have decided that under no circumstances will I not use a landing page on any google campaign I do for now on. Hopefully I can just learn to suck it up and hit up my friend Keeb whenever I am getting a campaign going and get a pimp landing page made. I am also really researching the QS just for personal knowledge; whenever I see anything on it I try to read it and I am always browsing google FAQ etc to see if their is something I don’t know about the marvelous google quality score.
I hope you take my advice and just get a simple landing page to avoid 1. Getting a terrible QS 2. Probably getting your ads shut off and 3. Maybe lose some money
I’m out, its 1:15 am

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