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Making money with an mcc

Hey guys, I was just thinking of some more ways for you guys to increase your revenue. Today we are going to talk about double serving ads on search engines. Basically what this means is that you want your ad to show up multiple times on Google Yahoo or any other search engine.
Double serving ads is frowned upon but there are ways to do this that will keep you under the radar. On Google one of the methods that I use involves creating a Google MCC . A MCC allows you to control multiple AdWords accounts via their MCC dashboard. Basically Google views MCC account holders as agencies PPC management companies with many clients.
Having an MCC has many advantages. The biggest for me is the ability to split up the different types of traffic I have as well as test campaigns that onto accounts for that specific purpose. I separate all of my content network campaigns, search campaigns and test campaigns onto their own account. If a campaign I have on a test account starts to perform I will optimize it a bit and then move it over to my “
good” campaign’(s) account. The reason I do this is because Google looks at the account history of the different accounts and if I put a test campaign on my “good” account and it gets slapped it will affect the entire account. It is also much easier to stay organized if you organize your campaigns this way.
Another thing you can do is double serve ads. In order to do this simply copy your campaign over to another account and point it to a similar landing page. If you were promoting ringtones and your display url read “” and you wanted to double serve this I would recommend buying the domain or really any other different domain and then hosting the same or a similar landing page onto this new domain. Then simple change your display url on the copied campaign and you are ready to go. Your ad(s) will now be displaying multiple times for the keywords you are bidding on.
To sign up for a google MCC please check:

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