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Hey guys,
I have been e-mailed the question of ‘what to promote’ numerous times and I have had this unique idea for promoting Affiliate program affiliate programs through PPC but in a more honest opinion type of matter which I want to do and am probably an idiot for giving away, when you get rich just e-mail me and I’ll give you my paypal
I briefly thought about an idea similar to the one I’m giving to you guys like 6 months ago when I referred a lot of people to Millnic Media and made low $x,xxx off that 6% commission. I wanted to start promoting Millnic on the affiliate blogs by buying advertising but decided not to when I noticed they already were on the spots that I had hoped to approach, so I never did anything with until recently.
Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me for a signup link to Incentaclick and I gave it to him happily. I than forgot about it until last week where i had earned over $2,000.00 from just one friend, I have now signed up one more person and am continuing to get more people signed up under me for as many networks as i can decide.
So This Is What You Can Do To Make Money
Make a landing page that has like 3-4 affiliate networks logos on the page with a rating you give them (Give an honest opinion, don’t rate the one that pays 5% out a 10/10 and the one that pays 2% a 3/10 the 2% one will probably make you more money). Write honest reviews for each of the networks, if you haven’t done much with that specific network just go look at their main website and see if you can figure out what to write from that. Once you do this collect a bunch of affiliate marketing relevant keywords; some that I would gather would be Affiliate Network Names (They can be the ones on your landing page or competing networks, both work), Big Blog names like shoemoney and johnchow etc, and last but not least use content network on some of those blogs (have not tested this but it is something I plan to test when I get to promoting networks through ppc)
Let me remind you as I don’t think I explained myself correctly. I have not promoted any affiliate networks affiliate programs through the methods I have suggested yet but I will be working on it when I am not swamped to the brim. I noticed that this is a niche with money to be made and I figured I’d blow it and let you guys make tons off of it instead.
Heres Where I Benefit From This, Here are MY affiliate links from a few networks you should sign up if you haven’t: Incentaclick – Ask For Debrani Copeac – Ask For Danielle Neverblueads – Ask For Victoria Azoogleads
RocketProfit Millnicmedia Pepperjam Network XY7 and HydraMedia
Tell me what you guys think of my idea,

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