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Hey Guys,
I went to SES San Jose and when I got back to my hotel room in SF when the Tradeshow part was over I discovered CommunityNext and that they were having a meetup for Publishers (Facebook Application Owners), and Advertisers (like my new product Leaderclicks) So I decided I had to go to this instead of SES, even though I had not officially released my new product. Once I registered I noticed that I had paid for a “booth” not just a ticket and I decided to go all out.
Here’s what I did: I decided that even though I was rushing the plan of a table/booth that I would have to do something really cool but simple at the same Time. I first went to Kinkos and ordered a Vinyl logo for leaderclicks (for the table). And than left to go buy my own “swag” for leaderclicks.
I decided to give out $15 Itunes Gift Cards to people at the show and after talking to the owner of the show he told me that ‘around’ 200 people were coming. So after receiving this information I headed directly to the Apple Store and purchased 200 gift cards. After standing at the counter for 45 minutes while they scanned each gift card I called my designer and had him design a sticker for me to put on the back of the itunes gift card case things. The sticker looked like this:
I was successfully able to get a pretty cool 2×4ft vinyl banner for my table and I was also able to put stickers like that on the back of all 200 gift cards.
When I got back to my hotel room I took these pics with the gift cards:
I also had to take a picture of the receipt for only 180 of the 201 items I purchased as it’s honestly the longest receipt I have ever seen/had.
here is a pic to get a good sense of how ridiculous this receipt is
Overall I had a great time at CommunityNext and picked up a bunch of new contacts. I also really enjoyed SES although I didn’t get any pics I did do an interview with Shoemoney which you should check out. I have lots to post in the next few weeks so stay tuned!
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