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Quick Tip: Track It!

hey everyone,
I have a Quick 5 Line blog post for you guys that will probably benefit you more than most of my posts :p ! Here’s the tip/way to optimize your campaigns a WHOLE bunch! Don’t just place the google conversion pixel, set up your conversions & your landing pages, mini-websites, or whatever type of web pages your using with google analytics they have added a bunch of new tools in the past 3 months which will benefit you greatly once you figure all of them out!
I will be posting some ways to use google analytics as an affiliate in the next few weeks – Analytics suck if you don’t know what to do with them!
P.s. A lot of you may feel that this post was un-beneficial because you already know this, Sorry.. I see tons of affiliates not using analytics on there pages. I just wanna help :p.

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