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Scaling Your Earnings (2 of 3)

So Todays post on scaling your earnings is going to be some quick and easy pointers to increasing your income but keeping your expenses (whatever they may be) DOWN! I see this as a very hard task for internet marketers due to the fact that if you spend X and make XX people automatically figure that spending XXX will make you XXXX. I tend to disagree; If strategic about the way you increase your expenses/investments you can spend XX and make that XXXX just by being smart about how you spend your money.
So; lets learn!
First off i want to give a tip to readers near my age. This is the mistake I make numerous times a day. Don’t spend your money on pointless shit like xbox’s and wii’s. It fucks you for the future.
What You Need/Don’t Need
I don’t even think I should be giving you tips about what to buy and what not to buy d ue to the fact that I buy so much pointless shit. I guess i will just hope you learn from my mistakes. Before investing money on some cool script or a new server really analyze the purchase. I try to do this but I don’t do it well therefore i buy way to much cool shit. Seriously though, Don’t buy “it” unless its completely necessary; it sounds like a stupid point but i promise you that keeping your “Cool Shit Inventory” down is a good thing.
Another little idea is to actually stay organized and keep records of earnings/expenses. It is a pain in the ass but you will eventually save money when it comes to tax time. I personally try to do this but do not do a good job. Also, I am going to repeat on of shoemoney’s tips: “Don’t hire someone (a personal friend) just to give them a job”
So im really busy with some new campaigns and stuff so i cant write an essay tonight.
Have a good night all,

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