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Talented Designers From My School

Hey All, I have been really busy with school projects and such so i have not been able to post. Since I am still working on my Affiliate network reviews post (i hope its done tomorrow) I would like to show you guys how talented some kids my age can be. I have a friend from school named Nico who is an unbelievable graphic designer.
I was talking to him yesterday and he showed me this awesome graphic he made. I remember making something like this in the same class but mine was not anywhere close to as good as his. Being a highschool student like me he told me he is looking for some design jobs ($) so i would like to post these graphics he designed. I personally think this is an awesome design. If your interested in Nico’s work just shoot me an e-mail at
If you want to see the full sizes just right click and select “View Image.”
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