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Telling YOU about Uploadkey!

Hey Readers,
i would like to show all of you my new little project Uploadkey it is a site thats been in development since September of 2006 and has come a long long way. Uploadkey was specifically designed to be a more webmaster based website for the services it offers. We have added features that other image hosting sites charge for/an account upgrade to all normal (free) and Premium (paid) accounts. Long story short; Uploadkey will start being marketed hopefully on September 1st (Were working on some backend things).
So heres what im asking you
1. Goto and Signup! (the signup button is under the login form, i know its kind of small/were working on it 2. Use our cool Import Photos function if you have a Photobucket account (multiple site functionalities on their way). 3. Just upload an image/actually use I have a nice server for the site with tons of extra bandwith! Lets share, 4. If you want to be nice; Upgrade to a premium account. Right now its just a standard upgrade; In the next few months our Premium accounts will have some nifty features (so cool i cant share lol)
5. Tell a friend bout Uploadkey…
also Please if you see bugs or issues/have some suggestions for uploadkey please e-mail me personally at or contact me on AIM at any time : role
Right now uploadkey is ad free and is completely 100% out of pocket… Not even advertisements have been loaded up on the site yet (we are working for a very easy way to buy ads/space from uploadkey through my affiliate/new advertising network (post coming soon about that) It’s eta=1month)…
Some Bugs we are working on:
1. Some Video Player Bugs 2. Uploading Using an Image URL messes up (simple glitch were working on/improving)… 3. Slow Speeds (we will always be upgrading our servers and have multi server functionality available with few clicks so when our users start to consume a lot of bandwidth i wont be fucked :D)
4. Design Flaws/404’s, We keep getting e-mails about it and are slowly changing/updating)
Ok guys, its late; i just finished a ton of work…I’m out

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